10 Business Cards That Are Winning In The Creativity Stakes

There are three key functions of any business card: it needs to represent your brand, provide contact information, and make a positive, lasting impression on the receiver. If you can successfully hit all these points, then you’re onto a winner.

In the past, business cards were purely functional, and people generally approached them with the same level of creativity as a chef might wield upon the boiling of a potato. They were boring, bland and completely devoid of personality. Not ideal, seeing as it’s supposed to spur the card-receiver to get in touch down the line.


Thankfully, a wave of creativity has washed over the business card industry of late, with bold designs, adventurous colours and ingenious ideas taking centre stage. No longer just about sharing information, the aim now is to catch the eye, generate intrigue and, most importantly, make a lasting impression after the usual cursory glance.

This is the consensus: cards that stop you in your tracks are far more likely to make their way into a wallet, instead of a bin. As such, it’s worth taking some inspiration from these creative designs and explore how your business card can represent exactly what you’re about in the most eye-catching, visually pleasing way possible. It’s your name on that card, after all.

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