How to Work Winter Blues Into Your Interior

Inky as opposed to icy, this winter blue - that coolest of colours - is getting cosy ...

A consistent theme running through all areas of interior design in the last year has been the idea of bringing the outside in. Now that we've shed the emphatic excesses of the boom years and emerged somewhat allergic to all things synthetic, our tastes have changed in subtle but significant ways. We now want the style of our homes to reflect the unmitigated beauty of nature in terms of material, texture and form.

As well as prompting a predilection towards the use of salvaged wood, unrefined metals and natural fabrics, this shift towards authentic rusticity has led to a preference for colour schemes inspired by wild, lush landscapes. Earthy browns, moss greens and stony greys have all found their way into autumn/winter 2015 interiors, but none with more prominence than bottomless blues. Studies have shown that - reminiscent of clear skies and calm seas - the colour blue slows the metabolism, and?also helps us to get more sleep. Rich and restful, this helpful hue's appeal therefore goes beyond mere aesthetics; it also fits with a mindful ethos that speaks to good intentions for the new year. A peaceful palette based around tasteful blues could even bring some much-needed tranquillity into the home during those weeks of advertising-induced hysteria we so often mistake for Christmas.



But in spite of its healing properties, one has to wonder, are we really ready for winter blues? The good news is that, as we prepare to descend into the depths of the coldest of seasons, this cool, composed colour doesn't have to give you the chills. Instead, designers are rounding out the year by playing with light and dark contrast, mingling deeper shades of midnight and cobalt blue with lighter hues and comforting fabrics to induce the necessary hygge, the famous Danish word for a sense of cosy warmth at home. Indeed, hygge goes beyond the mere physical and tactile to evoke a warm atmosphere and the feeling of enjoying the finer things in life with good people. And blue has a beautiful role to play in creating domestic warmth.

A case in point is Bedeck Home's recently launched lifestyle collection Murmur, which blends low-key neutrals with warm tones of royal blue and navy to bring intimacy into a setting inspired by untamed landscapes, proving once and for all that blue interiors can be snug. Powerful blues also form the backbone of Bloomingville's autumn/winter line, in the form of matte velour textiles, artful ceramics and elegant furniture. The verdict? When combined with rich browns and soft greys in the form of chunky textured knits, shearling throws and dark wood details, bold blues can not only be warm, they can turn an average living space into a welcoming winter retreat.

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