6 Winter Florals Tips

In preparation of the sparse season that is now upon us, here are 6 winter florals tips from Killian Lannen and the team at Bloom Magic, that allow for a beautiful touch of nature inside the home, no matter the weather.

1. Choose Seasonal

A wide selection of flowers can easily be obtain throughout the year, such as roses, lilies, and carnations, however, the bitter winter months make it difficult to coax a lot of flowers to bloom. By choosing seasonal flowers you will get a fresher bouquet. As pollinators are in short supply when it's cold out, many winter blooms are wonderfully fragrant to try entice pollinators. Consider Christmas-classic poinsettias, irises, primroses, amaryllis, calla lilies, anemones, crocuses, and the winter varieties of jasmine and camellias for beautiful winter scents.

2.? Wintery Elements?

For added seasonal flare, intersperse wintery elements, such as pinecones or boughs with arrangements. Red and green berries of all sorts are beautiful as well, especially around the festive period.


3. Cool Palette

A selection of winter weddings take advantage of the crispness of the season and produce beautiful results by sticking with cool hues. Milk or antique whites mixed for depth are stunning on their own, but try introducing tones of ?blue and silver for icy-cool look.

4. Bold Colour?

The shortened days and darker skies of winter are known to affect our moods, but fresh flowers are a proven boost. Around the holidays, reds and greens add traditional pops of colour. However, as we start to head into the new year, purples and mauves can bring energy into a room without being overpowering.


5. Early Planning

The winter months bring about many celebrations, Christmas, New Year's, and later on, Valentine's Day. For the floral industry these are the busiest time of year. If you know in advance that you'll be sending a bouquet, order early so your top choices are available and the chosen gift will arrives in time.

6. Longer-Lasting

By opting for hand-tied bouquets featuring blossoming buds, arrangements will last longer. This important tip can be applied all year round. Bouquets breathe and drink better when they're hand-tied by a skilled florist, so opt for hand-tied and arrangements with lots of buds that are just beginning to open for a longer-lasting presence at home.



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