*Whisper it* The Søstrene Grene Christmas 2020 collection lands next week: Take a peek

For all those eager for some good times during this bad news cycle, rejoice, the Søstrene Grene Christmas 2020 collection is almost here.

Listen, I know it's too soon for this, I know. But I can't be the only one guilty of throwing on a seasonally inspired Netflix film this week. It has been a rough few days and we all need to decompress in whatever way we can.

But regardless of whether you are refusing to entertain Christmas until at least November or screaming "yes, pump me up with red and green glitter" (that'd be me), Danish interiors shop Søstrene Grene is getting ready to launch its first of two Christmas collections on Thursday, October 22.

If you're familiar with the winding path of the shop, you know that they don't restock – whatever goes up on October 22 and sells out, is gone. So the early Christmas robin really does capture the worm. Which, in this case, is beautiful candles, gorgeous decorations, wrapping bits and lots more.


What can you expect? We've got a sneak peek...

Deck the Halls

With a huge variety of Christmas decorations from simple straw tree ornaments, large circular wreaths and everything in between, it's a really a very nostalgic collection. LED light wreath, €8.26, green candle holder, €9.12

Paper Christmas trees, from €4.88

We have our eye one some of the paper decorations, from bright stars to adorn the tree and door and little green trees to dot about the place, to tiny folded angels hanging from a cupboard handle. Gold and white star, €6.28, Snowflake, €6.28



Bake Off

Søstrene Grene is the perfect place to get set for some festival baking, whether it's beautifully decorated edible gifts, or beautiful messes to make with the smallies. Cookie cutters, from 45 cent, jars, from €3.20

Daintly wrapped toffees are now a cinch with these rubber sweet trays, perfect for a little gift or homemade advent calendar treats. Chocolate mold, €2.34

The collection also includes a number of tools designed specifically for children so they can really get stuck in. All made in miniature from FSC-certified wood, it'll make for a great weekend activity.



Christmas Candles

Renowned for its huge collection of coloured candles, from thin taper dinner table candles to chunky lantern options. This dainty little wreath has a real Little Women feel and we absolutely love it. Perfect for the table, you can really Christmasify it with red candles, or keep it muted with paler hues. Tapered paraffin candles, €2.80 for four, circular candleholder, €9.68

More something a little more kitsch, these dinky little resin candleholders have absolutely captured our hearts. Resin candleholders, €5.58 each



Wrapped Up

For anyone who loves a beautifully wrapped gift almost as much as the gift itself (me again), there is a huge selection of wrapping accoutrements to choose from. From velvet ribbons to tags and stickers, this drop has all the bells and whistles. Ribbon from 98 cent

Remember it all lands in-store on October 22, with the next Søstrene Grene Christmas 2020 drop landing November 19 and we'll have a peek at that launch soon too.

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