What Your Bouquet Means

Did you get a bouquet today and want to unravel what it means? If it means anything at all. We decode the secret language of flowers...

Daisies - This humble meadow flower conveys a triumvirate of loyalty., purity and innocence.

Daffodils - For such a pretty and simple bloom, the daffodil has some heavy feelings attached to it, often representing unrequited love.

Irises - The Iris stands for friendship and good news. This is the bouquet of choice for anyone celebrating Galentine's Day.

Red roses - Love, obviously.


Yellow roses - As yellow roses stand for friendship, they make a lovely gift for a hostess or someone you're visiting after a long drought.

White roses - The white rose stands for secrecy. As Britney sang, not so innocent.

Hyacinths - The hyacinth is meant to represent constancy. Long term lovers pay attention.

Tulips - One for superficial sorts, the tulip symbolises fame and perfect love. If you're the type of lovers who Instagram together, these are the perfect arrangement.

Violets - This underrated flower means your love is delicate.

Sunflowers - A loud bunch of sunflowers means dedication.

Orchids - The orchid is a symbol of the exotic. You know what we mean by that. *winks*


Lilies - In general, lilies and their overpowering scent stand for purity.

Dandelions - This often dismissed plant indicates faithfulness.

Heather - When not providing the backdrop for a musical society's production of Brigadoon, heather means playfulness.

Carnations - ?I forget it was Valentine's Day so I somehow manage to drop into a service station just off the motorway. Forgive me.?

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