Pots and planters to spice up your houseplant collection

It's time to give the humble houseplant an upgrade.

Over the last few seasons, we've been welcoming green leaves of all shapes and sizes into our homes, some with greater success than others. However, now that you've (quite literally) weeded out the overly needy ones, it's time to give the hardy survivors a proper welcoming party with a new pot.

Pots for the coffee table

These Best Bud bags are ideal for dressing up an average pot for a succulent or cacti. They also come in white, grey and marble but we're here for the metallic gold option. Washable and foldable, they make for great gifts and can easily fit any size of pot so you can chop and change as you like. Best Bud Bag, around €15, Maven


These minimalist concrete plant pots with geometric detailing are perfect for making a little leafy vignette on a window sill, mantelpiece or coffee table. They come in three neutral colour variations and a range of shapes for any interior palette. Concrete pots, from €30, Ferm Living

Pots for the ground

To make the most out of your room, use the large, leafy plants to fill bare corners and soften the edges of your interior aesthetic. These pots will need to be big and so should be kept neutral to avoid taking the attention away from the foliage.

These two from Bloomingville fit the bill perfectly, modern, sleek and visually appealing. Plant pots, grey stoneware, around €69, seagrass basket, around €37, Bloomingville

To make more of a statement, this lacquered steel indoor plant pot with gold metal stand is perfect. The contrasting metallic accent is right on trend and the pot is small enough to feature next to a couch or bed. The simple metallic feet give it a touch of luxury and will give off holiday villa vibes all year long. Lacquer pot, €46, Zara


Hangers for the ceiling

If you're low on floor space, live in an apartment or just want to fully commit to the greenery trend, a hanging basket is a must-have. This geometric Scandinavian style plant pot is made of dark stoneware and is suspended by a natural rope which gives an organic, rustic finish. Hanging pot, from  around €34, Ferm Living


However, if you are just a disaster when it comes to potted plants and none seem to even survive the journey home, perhaps it's time to get a cut-flower vase instead. This eccentric HAY tree trunk vase is made from porcelain and earthenware and will add some personality to any coffee table or kitchen. Designed in collaboration with British artist Richard Woods, the vase also featured hand-painted wood grain detailing and some sprouting branches. Just pop a few tall plants or flowers in and you're good to go. Trunk vase, €116, Amara


A word of advice: Mark from The Garden suggests watering potted house plants every two weeks, or when the soil feels dry when you press your finger on the top. Over-watering them can do as much damage as drought.

Featured image: inanc avadit on Unsplash

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