The World's Most Beautiful Book Store Has Opened In China

Perhaps in an attempt to provoke more people to read books, architectures and designers in China have turned a regular book store into a magnificent work of operative art.

The mammoth undertaking was the concept of Shanghai'design studio XL-Muse?and aims to create the most beautiful reading experience at the?Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore. The building is superbly dissected into contrasting sections that play with light, colour, texture, and sound. Opening into a striking white, wide open space with circular bookshelves and reflective ceilings. Specially designed lighting ensures that the atmosphere is at all times serene?and tranquil. On first glances, it would appear that you're entering a futuristic airport, rather than a library, and opens a whole new dimension for book-lovers.

Book store_5


A purpose-built children's room resembles an alluring utopia;?complete with play area and custom built shelves in the shapes of roller coasters, hot air balloons, and merry-go-rounds. This would inspire any child to reach for the stars. The vast majority of the structure contains mirrored ceilings; symbolizing evolving and eternal knowledge - swoon.

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