We're Obsessed With Minimal Dining Spaces

?All too often, the dining space is the most neglected area?in the modern family home. Luckily, it's coming back into fashion ...

Often adopting the role of a surrogate laundry room or home office, as the length?of time between dinner parties draws?wider and wider, the dining space is easy to forget about???especially thanks to the super-fast pace of modern living.

With many of us opting to eat on the go, and family members' busy schedules commonly conflicting, the once habitual family sit-down meal has become something of an anomaly.?The design potential of the dining space lost some traction for a time, but now we are seeing something of a backlash against the mantra of multitasking. And, as more and more people try to build a more mindful approach into their everyday life ??including how and where they eat ??the dining room is coming back into its own.


As a rule, I like my diet as maximal as possible, but I have been entirely drawn in by the minimal dining trend over the last few months. Interior design magazines and blogs have been showcasing a fresh take on'dining room d?cor?that is stripped back?and unembellished, with?black, white and neutral palettes adding gravitas. Many designers are simultaneously introducing a natural feel to the look with summer-appropriate coastal elements.

Like what you're reading? Click through the gallery above in fullscreen mode for inspiration??and start turning your own dining room?from neglected into delectable.

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