Five plant pots to bring the outside in

It’s no secret that plants in the home are beneficial to our health. Studies have shown that as well as being excellent natural air purifiers they can help you de-stress, reduce anxiety and improve our ability to focus.

Despite all these benefits, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to put or how to fit plants into your home aesthetic, never mind how to keep them alive. That’s where plant pots come in, whether you’re buying pots for plants, foliage, herbs or edibles, indoors or out, the demand for stylish containers is on the rise.

So, here is a selection of a few of our favourite pot styles to cater to all your own personal preferences and help to flaunt your newly purchased plants, or just to spruce up your old ones. And regarding keeping them alive, water them well and then let them dry out almost completely. This might take a few weeks and it's better to let them run through the water than keep them constantly topping them up with water.

Dune Hanging Pot, €18, Anthropologie

Hanging plant pots were a huge trend in the 1970’s and now they’re making a swift comeback in modern décor. Hang a three together to create a focal point or alternatively hang them individually for a simple style statement.



Bedford Hanging Planter, £80, Abigail Ahern

The hanging pots are also great for elevating plants if you start to run out of shelf or floor space. Abigail Ahern’s hanging planter perfectly captures the wicker trend and the design presents a relaxed, retro look. Try adding the feathery ferns and trailing vines to complete the look.


Handmade Ceramic Plant Pot, €12, Home-lust

If you’re looking for something a little more dainty and composed, try porcelain, glass or ceramic textures for a more fragile approach to your plant pots. This handmade ceramic pot from Home-Lust is simply stunning and will fit perfectly on a discreet coffee table or in and amongst an array of different delicate objects.



The Village Workshops

The woven appeal is fast becoming a major interior trend, these beautifully handcrafted baskets from The Village Workshops are a fun and creative way to showcase your lovely greenery with their vibrant colours and designs. With a range of sizes and styles to choose from they work perfectly as pot holders for both large and small plants.


Tall Plant Pot, €52, Helen Faulkner - Irish Design Shop

These days, we’re constantly surrounded by a huge range of different decorative objects for our plants which is great of course, we have many different options for all our preferable tastes. However, sometimes it’s nice to take a more subtle approach and opt for something a little more classical and understated. The rustic colours on this Helen Faulkner plant pot are ideal for a more traditional take.

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