Take Five: Hallway mirrors

Who hasn't been caught in the hall during the early morning rush, too late for the last dash to the bathroom for a final check that you don't have porridge down your shirt and that messy bun you perfected 20 minutes earlier doesn't now look like you did it before bed last night? Or it's bucketing rain outside and you're not sure if you've managed to quite tuck all your fresh blow-dry under your hood or not. These tiny moments and many more are why we've got some major love for hallway mirrors.

If you consider that your commute is from the kitchen table to your desk, a hallway mirror is going to shave off at least 1-2 minutes. Not quite convinced yet? We've selected some of our favourites, from slim wall-hanging mirrors to fit the narrowest hall, sleek tabletop mirrors to occupy the key- and bag-dumping table, and mirrors with additional space to hang for the slightly smaller pads. They're great for bouncing light around a usually-dark space and a good mirror also adds scope to an area, creating the illusion of spaciousness in a narrow corridor.


Frost Unu Mirror 4122, from €26, Illums Bolighus


Umbra Peek Mirror with Hooks, €72, Amara

Gold Berlin Shelf Mirror, €119.95, Meadows & Byrne

Wall Mirror, €175, Nordic Elements


Curve Drawer Mirror, €299, Woo Design


Featured image: Vader mirror, £157.50, Habitat

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