Take Five: Foot rests

Waiting on the bus, back to the breeze and head dipped to the rain, wishing you could just be home already. A hot cuppa, a warm fire, and a good novel would just about complete a lazy evening. But do we ever truly relax until our shoes are off and we've kicked up our feet? Definitely not. Which is why we've selected a few of our favourite foot rests so we can really settle into the evening.

Foot rests are designed to complement our plushest sofa and hardest chair. And they're available in a variety of shapes and sizes - blocky, round, slender, squat - because, honestly, where we put our feet is the final line in comfort.

Need another foot rest secret? This piece of furniture isn't only for our feet. They serve as an extra coffee table, a place to deposit our things when we get up for a second glass of wine. Many designs open for convenient storage and are a great place to keep warm winter blankets. They also become extra seats to accommodate guests on those nights we wish to relax among friends.

This low ottoman acts as seat or foot rest and comes equipped with built-in storage for those magazines that tend to pile up.


Hampton, €1210, BoConcpet

This large pouf, with its strap for easy moving, is perfect for chasing a seat in sunlight.

Grab Pouf - Large, from €690.98, Bolia

This classic pouf, cloaked in velvet, adds an air of luxury to our most casual spaces.

Nordic Velvet Pouffe, €561.63, Rose & Grey


Catered to the minimalist, this foot rest opens to store sitting room essentials.

Rock Wool Pouf, €379, Woo Design

This deceptive ottoman unfolds into a bed, making it easy to accommodate an overnight guest.

Bobby Bed in a Box, from €495, Meadows & Byrne



Featured image: Rustic leather pouf, €149, Woo .Design

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