Take Five: Pendant dining table lights

A table set with wine glasses, chattering guests and the wafting aroma of imminent dinner. These all make for a fine dinner party, but what really sets the mood is lighting. Pendant dining table lights, designed to create a halo of illumination around the dinner plates, bouncing light up so your guests are bathed in a pool of soft light. Light says a lot about a room, and more so a dining room, as many important conversations happen over a plate of home cooking.

In order to create the perfect atmosphere for your next night in, we've selected a few of our favourite dining table lights. Fashioned to brighten an array of tables, dining table lights can span the length of a long table or hang above a smaller, more intimate setting. Many can be dimmed or brightened to achieve the appropriate lighting for a variety of gatherings. Table lights are also available, a simple way to mimic candlelight for that next evening tryst.


This Minima pendant lamp hangs low over dining tables, giving a soft glow to a late night meal.
Flos - Smithfield S, from €995, Minima


This slender, low-profile option works well to illumine both the easy going and busiest home bars.
Concrete Line Pendant Lamp, from €379, Woo .Design

A modern candelabra, the glow of this table light turns any home dinner date romantic.
Astoria Table Light, from €577, Nordic Elements

The blown glass and soft gold of this pendant add a subtle and unique radiance to home dining.
Nuura Anoli 3 Pendant, €1004.25, Illums Bolighus


The tilt of each lamp on this streamlined design can be adjusted, maximising Insta ops.
It’s About RoMi Miami 8 Arm Hanging Lamp Iron, from €211.23, Houseology

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