Cheer up a sad bathroom with these gorgeous sinks

Did someone say bathroom upgrade? You've been meaning to give the space a new sparkle, but the thought picking such functional (read: boring) items – tiles, shower doors, a toilet. Kick-start your bathroom project with a dreamy sink, it'll work as an anchor for all the other purchases and will be the piece most people will look at.

The sink is the epicentre of the room. It's where we stand to brush our teeth, do our hair, apply our makeup. So, the basin we choose should really make a statement. And though we may not want to dawdle here too long in the morning, a lingering gaze won't go amiss.

There are two main options when it comes to sinks, under-mounted beneath the vanity counter or on top. If you opt for under-mounted, keep in mind that what the cleanness you're gaining on the surface is unit space you lose in storage underneath. A countertop sink may seem counter-intuitive for a sleek modern look, but there is lots more hiding for storing toothbrushes and cleansers underneath. And if your room is small, a console sink can be a stylish option that doesn't cut storage space.

Here's a round-up of some of the most stylish basin options, so you have no more excuses.



Available in seven colours, with three more coming soon, this basin made from a wooden material adds a new dimension to the bathroom.

Woodio Basin Soft 40, Woodio


This modular-style sink comes equipped with a wooden makeup element; add a towel bar, chest of drawers, or leather side bag to complete the look.

Narcissi Vanity, Cielo



In this design, the counter and washbasin are a single unit, keeping your bathroom looking clean and tidy.

Luv Furniture Washbasin, Tubs & Tiles

This copper washbasin makes a shining statement piece, giving the bathroom a modern lift.

Aphrodite Kythera Basin, €1682.44, Fired Earth



A variation on the classic Victorian look, this sink adds a bit of period charm to a modernised space.

Chelsea Large Basin & Stand, Waterloo


Featured image: Narcissi Vanity, Cielo

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