Step Inside Dublin's Coolest City Centre Rental

Fall in love with a Stoneybatter townhouse decked out in retro style. We're in lust with this Northside Nordic...

Forty days is all it took. It was a six-week project from start to finish. Now a minimal short-term rental, this terraced Stoneybatter redbrick was, until very recently, dingy student digs. When interior designer Jenny Coughlan, of Naught*9 Design, first visited the property with the client, both were taken back. ?It had been rented out and the client hadn't been keeping a close eye on it. It was just a mess,? she remembers. ?The house hadn't been cared for at all, but was just a place to lay their heads and party. It was laminate floors throughout, clutter everywhere and deep, deep red colours on the walls.?

Luckily, considering the short timeline, the only building work required was the removal of a stud wall and a non-structural pillar. ?It's basically an aesthetic upgrade,? Jenny says. ?The brief from Near City Rentals - the boutique holiday-home agency who rent out the property - was to create character for the house that is individual in itself, but that also relates to their other properties.?

Stoneybatter kitchen detail

With a background in commercial design, Jenny has been working more and more on domestic projects. ?This is somewhere between domestic and commercial,? she says. ?It's different because you're not doing it for someone who lives here. When dealing with people on a personal level, my input is a lot more restrained.? Jenny admits this house is very ?her?. "My personal style would be mid-century and Scandinavian. One of the great things about this project was that it was very open and I wasn't dealing with any other bits of furniture. Nothing was kept.?

Furnishing an entire house on a small budget was surprisingly straightforward, she says. ?I'm in and out of Oxfam all the time, where the majority of the furniture has come from. I constantly have an eye out, and if I see something, I just grab it. The Oxfam haul was one day and I spent another day between Ikea and Next. It was two days of sourcing, really.?


It almost seems a shame that it's a holiday home rather than permanently lived in and loved, but Jenny disagrees: ?It makes loads of people happy. You get to read the nice comments on TripAdvisor, and you can really see that people are enjoying it. When you do a domestic property, you get a ?thanks a million - we love it? - and then that's it. This kind of project just keeps on going.?;

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Words?Amanda Kavanagh.?Photography?Ruth Maria Murphy.?Styling?Marlene Wessels, assisted by Kate Phelan.

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