Gorgeous Spring Clean Buys

If there?s anything that?s going to motivate a spring clean, it?s chic housekeeping items. We?ve sourced some of the most gorgeous gear to get you going?

Sick of the eyesores? Cleaning products aren't known for their aesthetic virtues, let's face it. From minimal dustpans to old-school Brasso, we've compiled a hot list of the most attractive household tools around. With pretty cleaning paraphernalia like this, you won't be afraid to leave them out and proud. So save yourself the trouble of putting away the ironing board or dryer and invest in more stylish chore-busting companions. Click through the gallery above for some clean winners, then head below to shop the look...

Shop the products: 1 Ironing board / 2 Sink / 3 Washcloth / 4 Clothes dryer / 5 Bottle and dish brushes / 6 Dustpan and brush / 7 Feather duster / 8 Retractable clothing line / 9 Brasso / 10 Copper sponge


Keep things clean and minimal this with a spring clean ? check out these pale and interesting picks for your home.

Michelle Hanley for @Image_Interiors / @hanleymi

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