Seven Deadly Skins: Where to Find the Perfect Pelt

Skins are one of the top interior trends for autumn/winter. Whether it's reindeer or cow hide, there is no denying that soft, natural textures are as inviting on cold winter nights as a blazing fire or cup of cocoa. So go ahead and channel your inner caveman...

Combining different textures is a great way of creating an interesting and inviting space, be it a long-haired Icelandic sheepskin - a favourite among the interior bloggers - or a tight-haired goat hide set to cover many a cushion over the next few months. Perfect for small spaces or any wooden surface, these skins will have your sitting room looking like a?luxury log cabin in no time.

Don't be afraid to play around with placement, putting pelts over chairs, benches or hanging them on the wall like Irish fashion designer Jen O'Dwyer in her trendy Dublin 8 pad (below). So, remember skins, are no longer confined to the floor!

Click through the gallery above in fullscreen mode to see our top picks for pelts (real and fake)?



Photography by Al Higgins.?

Icelandic sheepskin?/?Reindeer skin?/?Cushion cover /?Irish sheepskin?/?Goatskin stool?/?Cow hide?/ Shaggy faux fur throw

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