Seat of Power

We take a look at one of the most popular items on a designer's ?to-do? list - the chair - and discover why Iskos-Berlin's Fiber Chair for Muuto is a design icon in the making...

?Do we need another chair?? Studio Ilse posed this question at this month's Stockholm Design Week. With this in mind we take a closer look at the Fiber Chair - a memorable object that's still catching our eye since it launched back in 2014, and gain a little insight into what makes designers revisit the details of the humble chair time and time again.

The Fiber Chair was designed for Muuto by Alksej Iskos and Boris Berlin, who note, ?One of the most difficult and noble disciplines is to design without eccentricity - to create simple, well-functioning, almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have strong identities. We designed Fiber Chair to do just that, with a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort. It's a chair stripped of all unnecessary layers, leaving the chair with a seat, back and armrests that is integrated in one harmonious shell - perfect for nesting yourself into.? The iconic form marries soft, embracing curves with an environmentally friendly wood-fibre composite, giving it a distinctive tactile texture, while also keeping it 100 per cent recyclable.


And with a massively diverse palette of seat shells and materials to pair with a range of base options, the gorgeousness of this chair is infinite. Sure to be a future icon! Click through the gallery above for pricing, as well as all the colour and shape options this versatile chair comes in.;

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Sheenagh Green for @Image_Interiors

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