3 period homes with quirky charm for under €180,000 in Ireland

If you're into houses with plenty of charm, whether its a stone gate lodge or an old pub, here are three period properties for sale in Ireland with just that.

Quirky houses are a bit like liquorice. You either adore it so much that you brush your teeth with that liquorice toothpaste or use of that liquorice toothpaste is an absolute deal-breaker in a relationship.

I definitely sit in the latter category when it comes to liquorice but I do adore old houses. Give me a crumbly old cottage with no right-angled corners over a brand-new semi-d any day. It’s got to have a little bit of charm built-in, a piece of its own personality to throw into the architecture and design pot.

Now, finding these properties is tricky as they can be few and far between and if they’ve been in restored at all, they can also be way out of budget.


But here are three with a little something different for under €180,000.


Flowerhill Gate Lodge, Ballinasloe, Co Galway

Work has already begun on this 250-year old cottage. There’s been a significant amount of restoration completed to the original cottage, including repointing the exterior and working on the interiors stonework and Liscannor floor slabs. An extension has been built to the rear too but is in need of finishing so you’ll get the chance to put your own spin on things.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage comes with 1.75 acres and sits just opposite Flowerhill Equestrian Centre too.



Griffins Bar, Skenakilla Cross, Mallow, Co Cork

Just picture the bar area as an open-plan kitchen/diner. The section by the door could be a little bootroom and coats area, maybe with a pantry in the back. The bar is a ready-made island with a spot to eat breakfast and do homework, and there's plenty of room for a dining table and maybe an armchair by the fireplace.

Elsewhere, there are two reception rooms and upstairs are four upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom. As well as plenty of period features including sash windows, it's got that classic Irish interior design feature of having each room painted a different bright colour. There's a pink room and a green room and a yellow room and a blue room – who said Irish people have a fear of colour?

Outside is a large piece of land plus a stable and the building functioned as a pub until 2019, so if you've always dreamed of being a publican, now is your chance.



Tireagh, Enniscrone, Co Sligo

This four-bedroom, two-bathroom house is a bit of mystery because there are no photos of the interiors but the description says it's not in too bad a shape. What we do know for sure is that it's only 220 metres from the beach and with those two gorgeous bay windows in the front, it's got to have oodles of light inside.

Featured image: Flowerhill Gate Lodge, Ballinasloe, Co Galway.

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