Penneys' new botanical-inspired homeware range will help you refresh your surroundings

This year, we're no longer content with the idea of 'New Year, New You' mantra. Why should you have to change everything about yourself once January rolls around? If change is to come, it should always be at your own pace and not something imposed, just because. And perhaps 2019 is the year that you'll forgo big change and do things piece by piece if you're so inclined.

Your home is the place you should feel most comfortable; each room can have a dramatic effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing. So, for many, if they feel stuck in a rut, one of the first things they can do as a refresher is alter their surroundings.  Thanks to Penneys' new SS19-inspired home range, you can do this while not breaking the bank. They want to bring a touch of the Spring outdoors into your indoor setting with lush colour palettes, botanical-themed accessories and subtle detailing that stands out rather than overpowers.


They are celebrating the beauty of nature, taking inspiration from lush greenery with a range focusing on grassy green hues, palm prints, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Have a look at some of the highlights from the range in our gallery above, which will be available in Penneys stores nationwide.

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