On The Draw: The Irish Illustrator working with Apple

Irish artist and illustrator Claudine O?Sullivan has been commissioned by Apple to promote their Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. We caught up with her to talk about cool collaborations and giving up the day job.

How long have you been illustrating??

As a child I was always drawing, art was my go-to over sport or music. I ended up studying graphic design in London and I naturally specialised in illustration - the dream that I could make drawing my job only really set in then. I graduated in 2013 and since then that's been my goal.

?You recently decided to focus on illustrating?full time.

I've been freelancing since I graduated, but always had a job on the side ?? I was a graphic designer for an architecture firm - so most of my drawing was early mornings, late nights and weekends. I've been saving up my pennies over the years and decided now was the time to go at it full steam. It's been amazing to be able to draw in the daylight. The change in routine has allowed me a lot more creative down time - as well as having a social life again!


Claudine O'Sullivan Claudine O'Sullivan at work

What is your favourite type of work?

As long as I'm drawing, I'm happy. My favourite aspect of commissions and collaborations is that they often push my work in new ways and into new mediums. My recent collaboration with Apple pushed me to use digital drawing, which was something new to me. Similarly a large live-art installation for Tiger Beer pushed the scale I'm used to, and introduced a live aspect.

Your illustrations are?popping up in lots of high profile places.

I've done some interior work for the MTV offices in Camden that included transforming my illustrations into a design for glass panels. Another really fun piece was for Sauvelle Vodka who commissioned'me to design a bespoke engraved?cocktail'shaker - my first experience working in gold. I've just designed the visual identity for an arts festival in my adopted hometown in south London. I've also worked on an ice cream campaign in Italy that goes live in June, and have a new t-shirt collaboration launching later in the summer.

Claudine O'Sullivan Claudine's illustration for Apple

Your illustrations feature in the new Apple Pencil advertisement. What was that like?

I had never been a fan of using a stylus before - my main tool is the traditional pencil. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I adapted, it's really great for detail and colour work. I won't be giving up on my traditional methods any time soon, but I have started using my iPad for certain projects, and its great for drawing on the move.

For more of Claudine's work, see?claudineosullivan.com.






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