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You can't imagine my delight when I opened up a bubble-wrapped parcel, to find Kid's Interior in Paris, (Paumes, around €20) inside, especially as it had arrived all the way from Japan, alongside a handwritten postcard from the publisher.

This would make a sweet baby shower gift, as it's packed with inspiration for hip new parents and their kiddos, or as an easy introduction for any tot starting to show an interest in expressing themselves. Each section gives personality and ownership entirely to the children, labeling each home under their name. Really, though, this is a book for fully developed taste buds, albeit playful ones.

There's also a serious nostalgia element - many of the kids have groovy vintage toys you may have played with yourself. The child in me was impressed by Oscar's awesome dinosaur collection and Paule's mini-kitchenette, while my adult brain was envious of the seemingly effortless Parisian cool of these rooms and in awe of the seamless way these families seem to have integrated a child into their home.


Although it is written in Japanese (which only makes it more cute and charismatic in my eyes), there is an English stockist at the back and their website is fully ready for international business with a translate button, prices in euro and a shelf full of other books in the Children's Rooms series based in Stockholm, London, Finland and Copenhagen.

Kids' Interior in Paris, edited and published by edition Paumes, photography by Hisashi Tokuyoshi.

Georgia Corcoran

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