Pale and Interesting Picks for your Home

We hunt out some pieces that prove that white is far from the "safe" option...

White is definitely our preferred neutral over boring beige. So much fresher and cleaner, it always brings out our inner minimalist wannabe. It can, however, feel cold and soulless if not approached with a few key things in mind - these include texture, form, finish and scale.


Firstly, texture will not only create character in your space, it will be crucial to adding a sense of comfort along with the likes of knits and cashmeres; felt is also stunning in white and often overlooked. In terms of form, you can afford to be a lot more adventurous than you would perhaps be with colour, choosing more animated and geometrical pieces. The finish you choose, from matte paints to glossy plastics, will ultimately add variety and keep the space from looking flat and one-dimensional.


Lastly, and possibly one of our faves at the moment, is scale: think oversized, chunky knits, expansive rugs and massive mirrors for ultimate grandeur.

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