Our top 20 picks from the Zara Home sale

Along with the fashion sale, the Zara Home sale is finally here and it's got some gorgeous deals.

While we mightn't have a physical shop in Ireland – and the announcement that Zara will close 1,200 of their stores worldwide, it doesn't seem likely we will – that doesn't mean we can't shop from Zara Home.

In fact, postage is only €9.99 for orders under €100 and free for orders over. Plus, have we mentioned they run a cracking sale?

Here are our picks, some of them we have already purchased; others we're wishing we had.


Frosted effect tumbler, €2.99 each

Looking like they're frozen from the fridge, these frosted tumbles will make any drink look more appetising on a warm summer's day.

Glass candlestick, €12.99

Delicate and slender, two of these candlesticks and you've got yourself your "good" centrepieces – for less than €30.

Large octagon-shaped table, €59.99

These octagonal side tables look a lot more expensive than their price tag.

9-cup aluminium and wooden coffee pot, €25.99

This little beauty is also available in a cream and a smaller size for 6 cups.

Geometric pattern blanket, €45.99

Made with cotton, this blanket will work well draped over a bed or flung across the arm of a sofa.

Plywood folding tray, €32.99

You can't expect breakfast in bed if you haven't got a breakfast tray. So the theory goes anyway...

Multi-coloured ceramic pot, €9.99

For Epsom salts or your collection of hair ties and pins, this sweet little ceramic pot is sure to brighten up any bathroom.


Striped linen cushion cover, €15.99

You probably already know that we're suckers for linen homeware, whether it's curtains, sheets, or cushions. Linen has got such a lovely texture and really holds colour so well.

Basket with woven handle, €39.99

Ideal for scooping up some flower stems from the garden... Or scooping up dirty laundry from your kid's bedroom floor.

Stoneware mug, €6.99 each

Some serious 1970s vibes off these mugs, the ochre colour and the angular shape, we're a little bit in love.

Bowl with coloured rim, €3.99 each

Glass bowls in the kitchen are handy, whether for cooking, serving up aperitifs or demolishing some cereal at 7pm at night, the blue edge adds a little fun to the multi-function.


Reversible checked double quilt, €99.99

With a brown and orange print on the other side, you can take your pick of warming patterns with this reversible quilt.

Metal lamp, €32.99

A perfect reading light, this lamp is a simplified take on a mid-century modern design, perfect by a comfy armchair or on a bedside table.

Two-tone terracotta salad bowl, €9.99

The narrow base gives an elegant finish to this rustic terracotta dish.

Rustic earthenware cruet, €15.99

If you're wondering what a cruet is, I've just Googled it. No, it's not a kettle, it's a vessel for holding oil or vinegar.

Pastel hourglass, €6.99

With a handy 15-minute timer on one side and 30 minutes on the other, these multi-coloured hourglasses are pretty and useful.


Ombre-effect flowerpot, €39.99

This stoneware pot is surprisingly big (27 cm in diameter) so it'll make a beautiful new home for a houseplant.

Fibre table runner, €25.99

If fancy white table linen just isn't right but you would like a way to warm up a formal table, this seagrass table runner offers swirls of pattern and texture, while also protecting your table from hot dishes and moisture rings.

Dotted duvet cover, from €32.99

I actually bought these sheets, that's how much I love them.

Straw brush, €6.99

Listen, it's the sale, so you're inevitably going to end up buying something you don't really need. Our excessive purchase might be this brush, because it'll look so neat hanging on the wall.

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