Bathroom inspiration courtesy of our favourites to grace the 2019 issues of Image Interiors & Living

Whether you're thinking of renovating, are in need of a few final touches, or daydreaming until you either move or get enough money together, here's some bathroom inspiration to feed your interiors soul.

Some people love luxuriating in the bathroom. Soaking in a deep tub, slathering on lotions and potions and generally taking a moment to ourselves. Obviously, this applies only if your bathroom is a nice place to be in.

So if you're looking for inspiration for Project Bathroom 2020 or simply want a virtual escape from your own sad-looking loo, we've got you covered.

From palatial suites to shower rooms and 1950s-esque charm, there were some truly stunning bathrooms features in Image Interiors & Living magazine this year. Now, we've gathered our favourites in one handy spot to maximise (and bookmark) some bathroom inspiration.


Tile Transition

Photo: Al Higgins

Putting a spin on a free-standing bath, this one comes with a modern, clean shape, while still embracing the curves. Designed by Gillian Sherrard, the vertically placed metro tiles draw the eye up towards a skylight, a concrete slab alcove makes for a handy spot for bits and bobs, and the bamboo stool not only adds texture but is also practical to ready-to-go towels. From January/February 2019 issue 

Industrial Sheen

Photo: Elsa Young

Crittal windows have been popular for some time and have a hint of "trend" about them, but they remain timeless when placed in a home with an industrial aesthetic. Coupled here with a similar window and timber ceiling, it works effortlessly, while the slight sheen to the SatinCrete-painted walls give it a polished finish. SatinCrete. From March/April 2019 issue

Glorious Green


Photo: Elsa Young

The Image Interiors & Living crew are self-confessed green lovers – it'd be the colour of every cover if we had all our own way.  However, not even we would have considered floor-to-ceiling green shower tiles before we saw this one in our July/August issue. The graphic lines give the tiles texture and a modern edge and add a hit of colour to the otherwise pared-back bathroom. From July/August 2019 issue

Shower Room

Photo: Elsa Young

Shower rooms aren't always the most practical of things – soggy loo roll and a damp bathroom trip in the hours that follow seem like an inevitability. However, if you have the room to a gloriously spacious shower, why not go all out. The textural qualities of stone flooring and an old wooden cupboard ground this serene bathroom with its clean lines and an abundance of light. From July/August

Period Elegance

Photo: Al Higgins


It seems like everyone is quick to rip out old bathrooms, which makes it so refreshing to see the original wall tiles in this recently renovated 1950s house. They add so much character to the room and even influenced tiles elsewhere in the house. From November/December issue

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