Get the Look: Gallery Wall Inspiration

That blank space over the sideboard or along the staircase looms large in many of our homes, and it can prove daunting to fill. Mixing and matching pieces that complement each other can be tricky - too much and you run the risk of it looking cluttered. Too little and the space feels sparse and unloved.

Begin by gathering the items you want to display. It can be pieces of art, ceramics, children's drawings or photographs. Try to find a uniting theme, whether that's a colour scheme or texture or even by item. Frame colour can help bring a look together.

Artifact Uprising Artifact Uprising

Grouping one kind of item together can be a real talking point - such as?framed maps of places with personal meaning. For maximum impact'stick to one colourway.

Lay the items out on the floor together and move them around until you have a layout that works in the space. It needn't be perfect or complete - you can add to it as you discover new pieces you love.

Mix and match different items and artwork until the overall look feels right in the space. This is a snapshot of your life and style so choose pieces that you love and with meaning.

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