Need Some (Temporary) Space? Try Fillit...

If you've always wanted to try your own pop-up but have no access to space, might be the answer to your prayers... ?

As even the more democratic social media platforms begin to make it increasingly difficult for the small business to be heard above the digital din (we mean you, Instagram),?a pop-up is still a seriously effective way to create a real buzz about a potential start up in your local area. But when we interviewed some pop-up pros about how to do it the right way, the number one challenge they reported was finding the right space.

Need Some (Temporary) Space? Try Fillit...

Even Siobhan Lam - who proved her pop-up smarts once again before Christmas with a triumphant April and the Bear event above Castle & Drury - told us of her many difficulties'searching for a'suitable retail space (with?a landlord or estate agent willing to consider a short-term lease) in the past, sometimes taking months to find the appropriate venue. Luckily, short term-rental hopefuls don't have to grin and bear it any longer...

Need Some (Temporary) Space? Try Fillit... | Indigo & Cloth caf? and store, available to rent on

Enter? an online platform dedicated to connecting people and spaces. Described as the Airbnb for venue hire, D?n Laoghaire-based Fillit acts as a helpful intermediary between people looking to host "events, pop-ups, and everything in-between" across Ireland and those with spaces to rent. And, *bonus*, it's free to use, only charging a booking fee if a space is rented.

Need Some (Temporary) Space? Try Fillit... | The interior of the La Peniche canal boat.

A quick perusal of the site as it stands yields a broad range of spaces in terms of size and price range, from the WigWam Rum Bar to the main room of The Sugar Club. My personal favourite is the classy?La Peniche canal boat, which can be rented from €200 per day. No doubt it will soon be packed with even'more gems.

Got a space that wants renting out, or need the perfect place to show off your budding business? Head to?

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