NCAD Knock-Outs

Our top picks from the NCAD Graduate Show 2015... Be sure to pop in before the exhibition closes on June 23 so scroll down to see which artist we think you should keep an eye out for.

Thrown open to the public last Friday (naturally II&L enjoyed a sneak peek beforehand!), this annual exhibition is sure to have you excited about what's to come for Irish design. This incredibly accomplished group of graduates may owe their success to the greater crossover between the departments such as graphic design, industrial design and textiles, and the collaboration between students from different departments. One thing is for sure is that the collections are extremely professionally presented, with most artists showcasing their progress via installations or portfolios - and business cards are ten a penny too. We're in awe...

Eileen O?Sullivan - 'Appearance of Familiarity'
Endearing collection influenced by childhood photographs.


Aoife Mullane - 'The Nest'
In tune with the latest trends of metallic and pastels, these cushions have a natural dappled effect in printed foil.

Eleanor Jameson - 'Silkie'
A trendy body-positive magazine by teens for teens; look out for Silkie's Cleo Meldons illustrations in our next issue!

Dearbh?ile McDonald - 'Arcadian'
A collection of delicate and angular etched surface cuff links (perfect for Father's Day).

Siobh?n O'Callaghan - 'Finding Space'
This imitate body of work explores the idea of personal space.


Sean Grimes - 'Personal Practice'
A story evoking photography collection with handmade frames.

?ine Coleman - 'Ruda?: Growing Objects'
Perfectly formed therapeutic memory stimulants, exploring the relationship between people and objects.

Joseph Heade - 'Kilkenny Lookout Point'
Stylised perceptions brilliantly displayed on handpainted walls.


Brian O?Neill - 'Georgian Dublin: A Gem'
Off-centre ceramic representations of our overshadowed Georgian ?gems?.

Jennifer Mulligan - 'Guns & Chiffon'
Blown glass from recycled wine bottles with sandblasted images of female revolutionaries.

Ruth McGreevy - 'Sea Things'
Sustainable seaweed lamp factory cart with sections for drying, moulding and display... crafty!

Alice Langton - 'Craft: An Activity Involving Skill in Making Things by Hand'
A womenswear collection inspired by our indigenous traditional crafts, including a reinterpreted Foxford blanket.


Ciar?n Doyle - 'In Transit'
Moody representations of with the empty relics of Dublin's skyline.

Eimear Murphy - 'Shallow Spaces'
Using building materials - particularly cement, sometimes dotted with woodchips - Eimear explores the process of creation.

Andrew Nuding - 'Apparitions'
A haunting collection based on the uniquely Irish obsession with apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

Visitor information: Exhibition closing date: June 23. Free Admission, Monday to Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 2pm--5pm. The National Academy of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.


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Michelle Hanley for @Image_Interiors / @hanleymi

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