Listen up, this is what I want for Mother's Day

When your mom protests that she "doesn't want anything for Mother's Day" do not listen to her. I cannot emphasise this enough. Even if she really doesn't want anything, you should still get her something, because she is your mother. She birthed you, she deserves it (and infinitely more). Even if that something is just a cup of tea in bed, or an entire afternoon spent on the sofa watching her favourite films.

In lieu of her being too embarrassed to tell you what she wants, I'm going to tell you what I want. For inspiration, of course. I know, I know, I'm a martyr for the cause. You are welcome.

Now can someone send this link to my children, please?



1 As the kids gets older it gets harder to get a smile out of them. A smile is infections and this quirky vase is striking with or without a flower bud.

Miss Face Vase, €38, April & the Bear


2 On one of my recent Ikea trips I spotted this designer chair in a lovely two-toned muted pink. I had a quick sit down and didn’t want to get up. Partly because it was so comfortable and partly because I knew we weren't even a third of the way around.

Vedbo armchair, €175, Ikea



3 For the ever-changing kid's art in our house, this is the perfect frame. And since I do not have a favourite child, you will have to get me two, one for each of the kids’ weekly masterpieces.

Frame in Smoked Oak €28, Industry & Co.


4 I love getting away from everyday chores and dragging the kids out for a hike. The Day Off tumbler is perfect to hold ice cold water in summer and in winter for hot chocolate.

Day Off Tumbler, €39.00, Article



5 Hopefully, Mother's Day will be the one day I get away from mundane tasks. But for the rest of the year I’ll be more than happy to cook wholesome meals for my family in this beautiful linen apron from Lamb Design. Or I'll sit and drink tea on the sofa in it. Whatever feels best.

Japanese Cross back Washed Linen Apron, €60, Lamb Design


6 This is not a card I can expect from my kids, not now, because according to them "I am the worse mother ever!" Hopefully they will change their mind when they are older. While I wait for them to figure out what a saint I am, I'll buy it for myself, as a reminder that I am doing okay. Looking at my mom, I do believe she is the wisest woman on earth (and as a teenager I didn't believe that either).


Dear Mum Mother’s Day Card. €3, April & the Bear


7 Everyday is a good day for flowers. I love the playful bouquet, it reminds me of my mom’s house that was always filled with fresh flowers from our garden. 

The Connemara Bouquet, €50, The Garden

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