Milan Design Week 2016: Salone Del Mobile

Milan Design Week 2016: Salone del Mobile has kicked off and it's not only the Italians boasting their designs. The prestigious event has consistently attracted some of the world's most renowned designers and this year is no exception. With the city metamorphosing into a maze of design institutions for the week, it's fair to say you'll need some help leafing through agendas for what's what, when and where.

Here's our top'designs and installations for the coming days.

The Forest of Light

Cos has been busy collaborating with the likes of Nendo, Snarkitecture, and Hay?and during?Milan?Design?Week will showcase their latest, almost cinematic, venture of shadow and light with Japanese architect?Sou Fujimoto. The space is set up with interspersed spotlights, fog mirrors, and a soundtrack ??all of which respond to the viewer's movements. This is an installation for all senses, presenting an illusory yet captivating show.?Find it at Via Pietro Mascagni 8 from 12 to 17 April 2016.

The Mew Table?


Mew Table by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya&Moroni The Mew Table

Mew Table by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya&Moroni

Italian furniture brand Sawaya&Moroni revealed the final?piece of furniture designed by the late and greatly respected?British architect Zaha Hadid. The Mew table, made from polyurethane plastic, is a singular form yet appears like two enfolded viscous bodies at the table's apex, cascading into its supporting legs. The design is slick, futuristic and a wonderful testament of Zaha's spellbinding designs over the years.?Find it at Salone de Mobile furniture fair from 12 to 17 April.

The New Vallet Collection?

Valet Collection Stellar Works New Valet Collection

American architect David Rockwell has teamed up with Stellar Works to follow a new narrative trail that encompasses Stellar Work's multicultural approach to design and Rockwell's inherent curiosity for all things no matter how big or small. New Valet Collection oozes sophistication, yet it's a transient suave that caters to home, hospitality and the office ? inspired by today's blurring borders between work and home. The collection is tactile with walnut woods, leather finishes, and stark black steel.?Find it at the Wallpaper Arcade, Via San Gregio 43 from 12 to 17 April.

Matteo Thun Atelier

matteo-thun-atelier-milan-design-week-2016-furniture-homeware-lighting-own-brand-design-ambient_dezeen_1568_2 Matteo Thun Atelier own brand

Matteo Thun Atelier is launching his own brand in Milan. He's among many others such as Stefano Giovanni, and English designer Sebastian Wrong's Wrong London. Matteo's collection is a myriad of colourful upholstered furniture,?ceramics and glass pieces. Matteo's key focus was achieving hand-crafted design and he's done just that with bespoke items and a choice of fabrics and woods, along with hand-blown vases from Venice and totems from Tuscany.?Find it at Il Valore Aggiunto, via Mameli from 12 to 17 April.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant The Restaurant

Quartz manufacturer?Caesarstone and British designer Tom Dixon have?fused the culinary arts with design?and installed four element-inspired kitchens within an 18th century monastery; a wing dedicated to each kitchen. The fire kitchen has an immense theatricality to it; floating shelves, basalt work surfaces, finished in fiery gold and copper. This particular kitchen, among all the other elements of The Restaurant Collection, achieves the desired urban look, and further stimulates the senses with smoked and seared dishes on site.?Find it at Rotonda della Besana (MUBA) Via Enrico Bebana 12, Milano from 12 to 17 April.

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