The Irish Company Who Source Iconic Furniture Seen On Screen

Fifty Shades Darker means a lot of things to a lot of people, but there's not thing you can't deny - the set design is spectacular. And Jamie Dornan is a dreamboat, but that's besides the point. We had the chance to get a glimpse of the new film yesterday and as soon as Christian's office came into view, we locked eyes with and exquisite pair of angular?chairs that sit opposite his desk. But where to begin sourcing something like that? Well, it turns out there's a Galway business to sate that exact desire (still not talking about Jamie Dornan, sorry).


Have you ever found yourself pining over a piece of furniture on film, whether it's Don Draper's blue office sofa or the old French posters thats decorated the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?apartment??Seen On Set?is?an Irish company who source?covetable collectables from many of our favourite TV shows and films. We speak to founder, architect and design enthusiast Cian O'Driscoll about merging his love of film and furniture.

?I have always been a bit of a film buff and I found myself often wanting certain pieces of furniture or d?cor from a movie or TV show. I wasn't alone." O'Driscoll studied Architecture in Cork but the silver screen has always held an attraction - he even wrote his dissertation on film production design and set decoration.?"Our tastes and preferences are strongly shaped by the on-screen worlds we are exposed to. From Don Draper's office in Mad Men to MI6 Headquarters in Spectre we are constantly indulged with wonderful interiors, flawlessly designed by some of the best interior designers working today."

The Florence Knoll sofas at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in Mad Men The Florence Knoll sofas at Mad Men's Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

Liking a particular couch or table from on screen often ended there, as sourcing pieces required online searches or trawling through vintage stores. "There are amazing blogs on production design, but the comment sections were inundated with people searching for items.?This all led me to start Seen on Set. It began as a blog and has since developed into an eCommerce aggregator site with articles on some the best movie and TV interiors."

The company offers stunning pieces from many of the water-cooler shows and films, including the eye-catching Djinn chairs from 2001: A ?Space Odyssey and?the Hex table from The Hunger Games, as well as a plethora of Eames chairs and couches from Suits.

The Hunger Games, the Hex tableThe Hunger Games, the Hex table

O'Driscoll hopes its collection will soon be ahead of the curve. ?We source products we see on screen - a mix of furniture, lighting, homeware, tech and d?cor and art. We have some great connections in the industry and going forward, we hope to have items sourced before the movie or TV show goes on general release."

The incredible attention to detail shown by the set designers of Mad Men have meant its style is the most coveted to date. ?Mad Men and its mid-century modern furniture is still very much sought after. But the recent obsession with highly stylised Nordic noir shows such as The Bridge, are giving Don a run for his money."


Sticking to the classics, O'Driscoll's must-have pieces pops up in Iron Man, Dexter and Frasier to name but a few.?My favourite piece is the Eames Lounge and ottoman. To me it is simply design beauty.?

The Eames Lounge and Ottoman The Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Seen on Set


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