Make an Entrance: 7 Inviting Entryways

Make your exits smoother and your arrivals'more satisfying by following the lead of these elegant entryways ...

At first glance, the entryway might not seem like a majorly important area of the home. But given that most?of us spend a lot of our time coming and going, maybe the portal between the inside and outside world should be given some more attention.

Important things happen in the entryway. It's where we take a last glance in the mirror before an interview for our dream job. It's where we drop our bags, kick off our shoes and let any lingering stresses slip away, as we prepare to unwind in our own space after a long day. It's where we collect our loose change with the idea of a much-anticipated summer holiday shimmering in the distance ...

With the right treatment, an entryway can become much more than a way in or out. By adding a few thoughtful personal details, it can become an expression of your self, something to carry with you into the world and be welcomed back to every evening. Here I've collected some inspiring?examples.


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