All the interiors goodies I want to take home from Maison et Objet

We have just finalised our Maison et Objet report for the March/April issue of Image Interiors & Living and I've been working my way through all the delicious product shots coming out of the world's biggest interiors fair. Having been there in the past I know the enormity of it – the aching feet, the endless corridors that stretch as far as you can see (and further), the pure exhaustion and visual overload. This year, with my colleagues and our band of experts doing the groundwork, I had the easy job, sitting at my desk looking through the gorgeous new products.

Below are just some of the many products I love and wish I could take home with me.


1 The painterly feel of these handmade clay-based bowls got my attention. Every piece is unique and handpainted by Laurence in Marrakech, Morocco


Set of 2 bowls, €45, LRNCE


2 Every home needs an open fire. The modern wood basket, designed by Emma Olbers, is made of powder-coated metal and is a lovely contrast to the roughness of the fire logs. 

Emma wood basket, €450, Eldvarm



3 These Plus pendants by NOCC could be an art installation. It is beautiful in its simplicity, combining the silhouette of a cross and a circle, giving the light an even spread between the ground and the ceiling.

Available in black or brass, €249 each, Eno studio


4 Please tell me that I get the Frenchie with the bed? The soft cushions, in high-quality outdoor fabric, ensures comfortable sleeping, and fits perfectly into the wickerwork, perfect for daydreaming under the trees. 

Hundebett Vogue Outdoor-Fango, €699, Laboni Design



5 I have loved Lucie Klaas since the first time I saw the products and the penguins are cuter than ever. I can almost see them moving, waddling around each other and having a little gossip.

Penguin, €67, Lucie Kaas


6 I have finally found my dream sofa. I can’t decide what is that I love most about this sofa: is it the timeless design, the stonewashed linen cover in crocodile (what a perfect colour description), or the ochre linen cushions with the black edging.

Canape Boho 240 sofa in stone washed linen, Maison de Vacances



7 Every day perfection: the choice between seven colours, the simplicity, and each one is handmade by craftsmen in Vietnam. These tumblers are just beautiful.

Around €9.60 each, Moheim


8 There is very little (if anything) I don’t love from Nkuku. Everything is earthy, rustic, tactile and practical.


Bagato Wire Baskets, around €41, for a set of 3, Nkuku


9 There it is again, the gorgeous soft mint green/sage green/olive green/camo green (whatever you want to call it). These pots will bring the pleasure back into everyday cooking, or at least that's what I'm telling myself as I order them. The cast iron cooking pots and pans, in Camogreen or black glaze, are designed by master chef Sergio Herman.

From €99.55 for the small enamel cast iron pot, Serax



10 It is no secret, I love linen. The earty colours and graphic stripes of the cushions are striking and earthy and wholesome. I want to grab each one and give them a big squeeze!

Linen cushion covers, from €42, Tinek Home


Holding image: HK Living

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