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A furniture-making couple take us on a tour of their Snug home?

Nestled deep within the mountain ranges of the Glen of Imaal, you'll find a home and workshop that live in total harmony with their surroundings. From the beautiful original old stone to the salvaged pitched pine flooring, the term ?rustic? most definitely applies. Inside, however, is quite another story. Using white as a base, Nell Roddy and Conor Kelly have filled each room with colour, light and custom furniture - made just metres away.

After years of discussing their aesthetic over casual dinner and drinks, the couple launched in April, combining their shared love of design, Conor's talents as a cabinet maker and Nell's head for business. Yet, before it all, they built a life and a home together. Here they take us on a tour of their remote haven in Snugboro (yes, really) which is bursting with their own hip handiwork.

Their range is new, yet their home is full of Snug. Which came first? ?We had such a clear idea of the aesthetic we were after and couldn't find it on the market,? Nell says, 'so we thought, why not make our own? And the idea for the company very much evolved from there. We saw a gap in the market for people like us who like nice things but can't afford expensive furniture, yet don't want every piece in their house to be generic or mass produced.


How do the couple collaborate together? ?We start by thrashing out ideas together,? says Nell. ?Conor will then create a prototype, we both look at it - and quite often we scrap it and start again! But we both sit down and sketch things out together, even though we draw inspiration from different places.

?Our work is really embedded in our home because everything in it is pretty much made by Conor. It's kind of a Snug house. Our kitchen is Snug, our radiator covers, our kitchen table, our coffee table, our bedside lockers, shelving ... it's definitely at one with Snug.?

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Photography Mark Scott. Words Amanda Kavanagh.

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