We Love This Cool Irish Furniture Collaboration

Thinking of investing in a timeless piece of Irish furniture? Look no further than the Parquet Table...

Furniture has been central to Niamh Banks' lifestyle and wellness company?Seven Wood'since it was launched with a?Dame Lane pop-up, even before the move to its current Ranelagh location for an extended stay. Last time we checked in with Niamh, around this time last year, we learned that her?considered edit of vintage furniture had struck a chord with discerning buyers looking to add a?unique element to their home. The pieces, mostly sourced from the UK, were flying out the door?of the Fumbally Exchange.

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One year on and Niamh's vintage furniture line continues to thrive in?Ranelagh, and the Sligo native has also added a significant extra string to her bow, launching a well-judged collaboration with'skilled?Irish furniture designer Cillian ?'S?illeabh?in?(recently named one of the Irish designers tipped for the top in 2016 by Elle D?cor UK). "A mutual friend introduced Cillian and I, knowing that our businesses had a similar ethos," Niamh explains. "We share a genuine passion for beautiful pieces of furniture that function well in the home."

We Love This Cool Irish Furniture Collaboration | Image.ie

Together the pair went on to bring an idea of Niamh's to life - a table surfaced with reclaimed parquet. "My vision was to design a table around pre-used parquet flooring, bringing an element of sustainability," Niamh says of the project. "Cillian's skill and craftsmanship brought the design and build to another level. The result is a table that is visually impactful, but also wonderfully functional."?The table?has been designed using?parquet flooring that originates from Queens University in Belfast, encapsulating the idea of re-engineering pre-used materials in a contemporary fashion.


We Love This Cool Irish Furniture Collaboration | Image.ie

Niamh's passion for the final design?is evident in how she speaks about each of its distinct elements. "Lying on a birch ply, the parquet has been carefully restored to give new life without covering the already lived grain. A solid oak surround has been ebonised, giving a stark contrasting frame to the tabletop. A black cast iron base fashioned on the Jean Prouv? industrial spirit holds the bespoke top."

Niamh and Cillian are currently working on plans for more pieces to add to the collection.

The Parquet Table can be custom made to size. For more information, visit Seven Wood.?

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