Location, Location, Location - the areas we're lusting after on the east coast

If you could buy your dream home, where would you buy it? Mauritius and Hawaii aside, that is. While all of Ireland has some beautiful scenery and stunning homes, here on the east coast, homes in beautiful areas are in high demand. Places that we always love to have a nosy at are Rathgar, Killiney, Greystones and Donnybrook. They just seem to have everything - gorgeous views, great amenities and, of course, the all-important properties. Cairn, well-known for their beautiful developments in some of Dublin and Wicklow's best-loved areas, crop up time and time again when searching for properties in these stunning places.





If you're looking for a home that links to the hustle and bustle of city life, but that's a calm enough space of its own, then Rathgar is where to be. Leafy foliage and cosy properties that don't skimp on style, like the Marianella penthouse, make Rathgar the gorgeous, sought-after spot that it is - not to mention the streets of excellent restaurants, cafés and leisure facilities.



Killiney is a dream for homeowners. Close to the beach, the classic area has plenty of schools, shopping centres and leisure facilities, and the public transport into the city means that you're never far from the action - just far enough for those secluded beach walks. A home close to the coast is in high demand these days, but enclaves such as Albany have all the options for families that you could need.





Venturing just outside of Dublin, the gorgeous Greystones is the perfect escape from big city life, while still being close enough to pop in and out. Greystones is close enough to Dublin to commute and visit as you please,  but it most definitely has an energetic life of its own, with stunning views, plenty of nature and restaurants and bars that would rival that of Dublin city. Beach homes and bungalows abound in Greystones, so you're sure to find a property that suits your family.





Last, but certainly by no means least, Donnybrook is top of our wishlist for gorgeous areas in Dublin. With an illustrious history as one of the most prestigious suburbs in the city, Donnybrook feels a world away from the madness of the inner city, as it turns to leafy green streets and stunning properties  throughout. There are so many links in and out of this classic area, the world is really your oyster here.

No matter what stage you're at, Cairn pride themselves on building your future. A Cairn home is a guarantee of quality, created by the best architects, designers, builders and craftspeople. Visit cairnhomes.com to find out more about their current and upcoming developments.

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