Know Your ABC

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Modern, quirky and stylish prints are Irish designer Ren? Mullin's MO. The Belfast-based printmaker has a real gr? for the Irish language and her delicate line drawings have character in spades. Right now her etch-a-sketch signature style appears on cards, posters, wrapping paper, bags and mugs.

Aib?tir (Blackstaff Press, €6.99) the mum-of-three's book of beautifully drawn Irish letters and words goes on sale this month and these designs are anything but twee as Ren? turns the Irish language on its head giving it a cool new spin. It was having her children that sparked an interest in our native tongue. ?I wanted to learn Irish and since having my own children it became so much more important. I decided to incorporate some words into my prints with the idea that some of them would sink in! And I also wanted to give the Irish language more visibility in contemporary Ireland,? she says.


Now, that deserves a bualadh bos. Get your copy from good bookstores nationwide or online from Amazon.?

Words by Naoimh Wilkins
Portrait by Nathalie Marquez Courtney

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