Irish Christmas candles to get your home smelling festive

In a year where the lead-up to the big day isn't going to feel the same, a festive scented candle is guaranteed to get you into the Christmas mood, no matter what.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is nothing guaranteed to put you in a Christmassy mood faster than a whiff of a festive candle.

Scent does powerful things to us, and so we're helpless to resist a heady mix of cloves, cinnamon and apple without conjuring up memories of fond Christmas feelings.

So particularly in a year where the Christmas build-up isn't going to feel the same — no office Christmas parties, online shopping instead of a fun trip into town, and maybe a different Christmas Day than you're used to — a Christmas candle is a great way to put you in the festive spirit.


What's even better is that there are so many Irish-made options available. Not only does buying one support local businesses and craftspeople, their scents are usually much nicer (and less headache-inducing) than their mass-produced counterparts.

Whether you love something spicy or a fresher, pine-based scent, here are some of the Irish Christmas candles we're turning to this year to get us into the festive spirit.

Christmas Spice Candle, €20, Tinnock Farm

Irish Christmas candles

Made from natural soy wax with a blend of essential oils and natural fragrances, each of these candles is hand-poured by Kirsten Ivors on her farm in Tipperary. The glass jars are recyclable, the wicks are made from organic cotton and each candle has a burn time of 60 hours.

Fir Large Candle, €19.95, Field Day

Irish Christmas candles


Not all festive candles need to be spice-heavy. This vegan one from Co Down company Field Day is a herbal blend of balsam fir, pine needles and is inspired by the crisp cold air of the woody wonderland. Each is made from hand-poured vegetable wax, and has a burn time of 40 hours.

Winter soy candle, €15.95, The Handmade Soap Company

Irish Christmas candles

With a mix of sweet cinnamon and clove, top notes of wild Scots pine and a nutmeg base, this candle hits all our favourite festive notes. Made by Meath's The Handmade Soap Company, many of us know their skill at mixing fragrances from their popular range of soaps.

The Bearded Candle Makers Midnight Mass candle, around €16, in klöver

Irish Christmas candles

Although sold out on their own site, this candle from Belfast-based The Bearded Candle makers is still available from Hillsborough store in klöver. With a warming and evocative scent with notes of resin and wood, this candle is designed to evoke a sense of peace and calm, the quietness we find in places of worship.


Noble Fir candle, €40, Cloon Keen

Irish Christmas candles

This candle from Galway's Cloon Keen is a luxurious interpretation of a Christmas fragrance. Top notes of pine needles are softened by base notes of amber and cedar, while clove and cinnamon add a decidedly festive feel. Each candle comes in a hand-blown glass vessel, which is given an opaque finish to create a beautiful glowing effect when lit.

Winter Candle, €15, Donegal Bogcotton Company

Irish Christmas candles

With the scent of jasmine and frankincense, this candle is both warm and calming. Hand-poured in Donegal, it is made from natural soy wax, has a burn time of 40 hours, and is delivered in minimal, plastic-free packaging.

Mulled wine candle, €18.50, Home


This soy wax candle has all the aromas of a festive glass of mulled wine, including orange, cinnamon and vanilla. Each one is hand-poured, and has a burn time of 30 hours.

Cider & Tonka Bean candle, €25, La Bougie

Irish Christmas candles

West Cork perfumery La Bougie have created this scent with notes of apple, vanilla and cinnamon for a distinctively sweet smell that's undoubtedly cosy. This slow-burning candle will last for up to 50 hours.

Gather candle, from €19, Clean Slate


With the unmistakably festive scent of orange, clove and myrrh, this candle is available in either a 180ml (35 hours burn time) or 500ml (75 hours burn time) size. Each is handmade in Dublin.

Cedar, cloves and ambergris candle, €36, Rathbornes 

A base of cinnamon and black amber with notes of cloves, rosewood, orange zest, and eucalyptus, this complex scent is warm and comforting. With two wicks for an even burn, each candle is hand-poured in Dublin, and has a burn time of 40 hours.

Apothecary Amber Jar Candle – Christmas, €18.50, Solise

Inspired by the spicy and fruity smells of festive baking in the kitchen, this candle is hand-poured from soy wax in Co Louth, and fragranced with essential oils.


Berry Mandarin Cinnamon candle, €19, Dalkey Aromatics

This candle blends the aroma of ripe cranberries with sharp notes of citrus peel and spicy notes of cinnamon for a  scent that's both fresh and festive. It also has a wooden wick, which is designed to give an even spread of fragrance, as well as a soothing faint crackling sound as it burns.

Pomander tin candle, €10.77, Emma's So Naturals

This sweet little candle would be perfect for a Kris Kindle gift. Scented with the essential oils of cinnamon, clove and sweet orange, it is handmade from soy wax.

Cloves & Cinnamon luxury natural candle, €25, Max Benjamin


Handmade in Ireland by Wicklow company Max Benjamin, this candle has the warming scent of cloves and cinnamon. For a small extra charge, you can include either a silver or gold lid with your candle, making it extra special to give as a gift.

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