Interior design expert Natasha Rocca Devine shows off her favourite room in her house

Natasha Rocca Devine is the Irish/Italian woman behind the award-winning Interiors NRD. As an interior design staging specialist, Natasha works with both property agencies and private clients to ensure their spaces are the very best they can be.

But, at the end of a long day (which might include client meetings and TV appearances), Natasha likes to unwind at home. Earlier this week, she kindly shared her favourite space in her home; explaining why she loves this particular space so much. Not only is this corner warm and homely, but it’s also personal; oozing Natasha’s individual character and style.

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her favourite room in her house

"My favourite space in my apartment is the ‘reading and relaxation’ area. In an apartment, space is limited, so I have created space within the space," she explains. "This is a seated area with no view to my television or desktop computer. It is a space where I can get on top of schedules (in my Smythson), read and relax."


"With a new company in flux, I don’t have a lot of time to spare, and in the evenings I always work, design and plan schedules. Yet, I also try to relax with friends, family and my dog Amore." In this space, Natasha says, "I can bring over my laptop and work from this area, though I try to keep it as a space for retreat."

Always changing

"As I own a staging company, I have a warehouse of furniture which is constantly changing. So, for older stock or things I adore, I take these home and often replace out the accessories to keep things fresh. Also, I don’t like clutter, as I feel your home is reflective of your headspace; so I like to donate to charity whenever possible," she says.

"As for the furniture," Natasha continues, "the bookshelf is from Restoration Hardware in Los Angeles. I felt it was too harsh against my colour scheme, so I got it painted white along the borders." This bookshelf is tastefully positioned alongside Natasha's designer couch/couch-bed, which "I imported from Los Angeles, and is fantastic for when guests stay," she says.

"I recently bought the cushions with frays in Harvey Norman, which I thought were super fun! The Urban Garden is from Los Angeles, which I think is key to each home. Even if you can’t maintain a garden, small garden-like details such as this are relaxing features.


"The ROADS collections fill my bookshelves, along with biographies which I love; including Brian O’Driscoll who I admire greatly and Diane Keaton, who I met at her book launch in LA's Hammer Museum (she is fabulous!)." Natasha also takes joy from Jonathan Adler pots, her many awards, London candles, and books including The Secret.

"The art above the couch is from an Irish artist based in Germany, Victor Walsh. I used his work in a project, yet it stays in my home as I really love it," Natasha says, adding, "The footstool can be used to host books and also put my feet up; while the martini glasses represent a place to have a drink with friends (even though I prefer wine!).

Natasha Rocca Devine interiors

A space free from technology

"I feel in each person's home (particularly if you have children or work from home), we need to design places to re-group without phones or technology and allow ourselves to ‘switch off’. Creating this ‘retreat’ area is key to balance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."


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Interiors photos via Natasha Rocca Devine, founder of The Interiors NRD

Top photo via Brian McEvoy

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