Prowl Inside a Dublin Apartment With Cool Modern Art

Interior design meets fashion in the eclectic home of a creative couple. Fashion designer Jen O'Dwyer and her fianc?, Dan, use DIY design pieces, a diverse mix of art and a strong animal motif to make a home out of a dauntingly large space.

WHO LIVES HERE Artist and fashion designer Jen O'Dwyer, founder of JOD clothing, and her art director fianc?, Dan.
WHAT An open-plan party pad which the couple used to rent but now own. Jen and Dan turned the spacious former textile factory into a tactile and cosy home for two.
WHERE Dublin 8
WHY LOVE IT Using DIY design pieces and an eclectic mix of art and a strong animal motif, this creative couple have made their mark on a once dauntingly large space.

TEXTILE-TASTIC The building itself was once a factory that manufactured school uniforms and leathers. Pretty perfect for Jen. ?I'm very obsessive about textiles, so - while Dan's better at colour - textiles is definitely my thing.??Their home is strewn with luxurious animal hides, shearling, antlers and animal-inspired art. Growing up, Jen wanted to be a zoologist. ?I have a fascination with biology and the workings of animals,? she begins. ?I work with a lot of leather and animal by-products, so I get a lot of samples.? These often end up draped over a chair. ?They're all coming from the same spot. I've always had bits of off-cuts lying around and one thing tends to influence another. My home is totally inspired by my work.?


  • You can't really prescribe colour - you have to go with what's available, but be guided by your gut.
  • The hairier the better, in Jen's opinion. ?It's just lovely and cosy. Ireland is cold for the most while, so it's nice to be a bit luxurious.?
  • Go from the floor up when it comes to hairiness. The floor is for the least hairy and the most hairy goes on the wall. ?There's a hair gradient!? Jen laughs.

J.O.D clothing

WORDS Amanda Kavanagh PHOTOGRAPHY Al Higgins STYLING Siobh?n Lam

Check out our Pinterest page for get-the-look inspiration and more photos from Jen and Dan's textile-rich abode.?For more ideas on how to playfully personalise a large space, see how this formal French mansion was transformed into a colour-filled family home.


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