IKEA's new collection is perfect for grown-up house parties

An impromptu house party isn't just the business of teenagers with this brilliant new collection from IKEA

It's finally payday, and if you've been sticking to Dry January, this weekend may be the first time in 2020 you've let your hair down for a party. But, since everyone else in the country is in the same boat, the pubs and clubs of Irish cities will be jammed all weekend with February lovers.

The humble house party is often associated with drunken teenage escapades, and as you get older, the fear of the clean-up tends to outweigh the excitement of playing host. But if you had the right set-up, a specific party-ready line of homewares, to really set the dancing mood, maybe a party would be on the cards more often.

The old reliable IKEA has answered our party-yearning thoughts with a brand new range of speakers and spotlights to adorn around your sitting room for a great party mood. The collection was developed in collaboration with Stockholm-based creative collective teenage engineering, the range has been designed to "help people get the party started in seconds at home, or wherever the music takes them."


FREKVENS accessories LED spotlight s4 red, €19; FREKVENS tripod black, €60; FREKVENS cajón drum plywood, €29

The 80's block colourways and retro aesthetic just add to the fun of the brilliant FREKVENS collection. Carol McSeveney, Sales Leader for Lighting and Electronics at IKEA UK and Ireland, said: “FREKVENS celebrates the interplay of sound and light within the home, creating a playful and fun environment for people to feel connected to music and each other. Apart from looking amazing, it sounds great too – so it’s definitely the perfect reason to throw a party.”

FREKVENS speaker 10x20 black yellow, €75

The limited-edition FREKVENS collection will be available to buy instore and online from February, with prices starting from €5.


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