How to Do More With Monochrome

Sometimes less really is more...

You can't beat monochrome for simple beauty and elegance, and when done right, bringing it back to beautiful basics with sleek back and white can also look extremely cool. For our Nature & Neutrals shoot styled by Ciara O'Halloran, we came up with three ways to make your monochrome work even harder...

1. Soften with greenery.?The smartness of monochrome can sometimes look a tad stark, but touches of greenery in the form of potted plants soften the look. Downy ferns work especially well, with stone pots adding a rustic sensibility.

How to Do More With Less - Rug, €30, Industry. Stone plant pots and plants from a selection at The Garden.

2. Shoot through with natural tones.?Simple pieces in natural materials like these wooden twig pots by Matt Jones perfectly complement a sophistical minimalist colour scheme to create a feel that's more homey, less show room.

How to Do More With Less - PS 2014 bench, €60, Ikea. Wooden twig pots, €18-?25, Matt Jones. Magazine house, €45, by Snug.

3. Material matters.?When working with an entirely neutral palette, quality of material becomes more important than ever - a carefully chosen statement chair or super-soft wool blanket in a muted shade can shout louder than an array of stylish but flimsy accessories. Think quality before quantity.

Nature&Neutrals_02 Fritz Hansen NAP armchair. Blanket formerly stocked at Industry; find similar from Foxford at Arnotts.

Styling Ciara O'Halloran ?Assisted by Diana Nacu ?Photography Nathalie Marquez Courtney


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