Home tech treats

5 gorgeous gadgets that help you create a smarter, more connected home.

The smart thermostat
A thermostat that knows when you're not there and turns down the heat? Sounds like the stuff of sci-fi dreams, but the Nest thermostat offers this and a whole lot more. It connects to your home's WiFi network, meaning you can control it remotely from your phone or computer. Available exclusive from Harvey Norman, €219, with standard installation costing €127.

The coolest speaker
Finally, a stylish speaker that would look great in any room. The Copenhagen, created by Danish design brand Vifa, can connect to your phone over Bluetooth and seamlessly stream high-quality audio through its beautifully designed speaker system. It's not cheap at €899, and is available in six colours, each in the same stunning woven fabric, courtesy of Europe's leading manufacturer of design textiles, Kvadrat


The custom lighting scheme
We once thought custom lighting schemes to be big, cumbersome jobs, but they're getting easier than ever. The Philips Hue range lets you create completely personalised lighting systems?to suit different times of day and moods. Better still, you control the whole thing from your iPhone or iPad. Starter pack, €199.95, including three bulbs and one hub, available from Apple.

The automated hoover
Automated floor cleaning just got a whole lot better, thanks to the Samsung Powerbot VR9000, €999. Not only can this nifty robot vacuum find its way into the tightest corners of your home, but it also boasts suction power up to 60 times more powerful than conventional robot vacuums. Take that DJ Rumba.

The HD house cam
The Withings Home is surprisingly simple idea: an elegant HD camera that's not only a powerful home security tool, offering you remote access 24/7 through a custom app, but can be used to capture special moments, creating a kind of home diary of key events. Oh, and you can use it to see what the cat is up to as well, obviously... Totally worth the €172 price tag.

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