6 home office tips to create a space you actually want to work in

Setting up or settling into a new home office for the next few weeks? Here are our top tips for creating a comfortable (and productive) home office.

Creating a home office, whether its to spend a 40-hour working week there or to just get in a few hours working from home, requires the same amount of thought. While having a space that flows with the aesthetic of your home is ideal, it also needs to work as a functional space – not unlike your kitchen. Here are six things to consider...

You don't need a big space.

Don't feel that your desk at home needs to be the same size as your office. A small and streamlined workspace is all that is required, so sit down and plan out how you intend to use it. Ensure your computer positioning doesn't attract glare and plugs sockets are nearby. Will you need storage for paper or files? Consider these and organise accordingly. If you need a printer then it should be within reach and always overcompensate on storage.



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Don't give yourself the dungeon.

You might not be thrilled to work so close to your cosy warm bed every morning, but don't give yourself the darkest corner of your home. Natural light is crucial to your concentration and alertness. Similarly, sometimes when placed facing a window it can be too bright, especially if it's south-facing, so position your desk perpendicular if possible.

Invest in good lighting.

Natural light is important, but so is a good desk light. It'll stop you from straining your eyes and maintain your focus on the task at hand. Use a spotlight from just below eye level so you're not blinded by it but your workspace is amply lit. Strip lighting under shelves is also great for larger office spaces.



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Keep clutter off your desk.

One key rule to the home office is to keep your desk as clear and calm as possible. Unlike your actual office, you can't just walk away from it at 6pm every day, and the last thing you need is to be reminded of all the tasks you have yet to do. Use a pinboard and elevated shelving to hold to-do items, while neatly storing away items that you won't need imminently.

Add some greenery.

Plants are particularly crucial if you can't put your desk near a window. They will bring some life to your space so it's not all stationery and paperwork and they'll offer an excellent excuse to get up and walk to the kitchen to water them. Everyone needs the odd distraction.


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Don't do life admin in your workspace.

The age-old adage of not mixing business with pleasure holds especially true to the home office. Try not to do your personal admin in the same space as your work, or at least keep your bills and domestic files separate from your work product and complete such tasks during specific time slots. It's important for your mental headspace to not clash these two, otherwise, you'll end up hating the space completely.

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