Walk-ins: Hallways to inspire

Want to make a great first impression? It's easy to overlook focusing on optimising a hallway, but it can really set the tone of your home. It's also a good place to experiment before committing to any particular trend or colour. Here's ten inspiring entrance halls and why they work.

Awkward corners are often avoided, so ?work with ?the space. Instead of leaving an area unused and unloved, display similar items together. Choose a theme or colour to keep the look cohesive.

bloodandchampagne.com Blood and Champagne

Let your art do the talking. Here, a stunning photograph is hung above a practical bench which can serve any number of functions all at once: it's a seat, storage and display.


Domino Magazine Domino Magazine

Flooring is a great way to express your creativity and personality, and add interest. In a small space, a little budget can go a long way.

Alvhem Alvhem

Make your space do double duty: storage and display. These box frames from Ikea are a great place to store away shoes and handbags.

Ikea Ikea

Where there are bold or beautiful features in a home - such as this staircase - allow them to take centre stage.

Nordhaven Studio Nordhaven Studio

Think a dark shade will make a small space feel smaller? Throw out the rulebook. Hello instant impact every time you open the door.

www.bloglovin.com Bloglovin

Neglect lighting at your peril. It can be easy to breeze through without considering what's above, but as the first impression in any home, why not make a statement?

www.desiretoinspire.net Desire to Inspire

Wall treatments - whether in paint or paper - can transform a space. Here, ?a cloudy?blue highlights playful dot hooks, creating a focal point in a hallway filled with character.

Muuto Muuto

Think beyond the traditional. Why shouldn't a hallway be a herb garden? Imagine the fresh scent of lemon verbena or lavender?wafting through the home. Divine.


www.remodelista.com Remodelista

Need a nook to call your own? Commandeer any unused space and create your own corner of peace. Just add a comfy chair, throw and a good book.

www.sfgirlbybay.com SF Girl by Bay

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