The furniture and interiors hacks to know for small space living

Not all of us are blessed with generously-sized homes, but we've found the best tips to make the most of your space, no matter how small. 

Making a small space comfortable might be easy – it's already got that built-in cosy factor. The tricky part comes with knowing just how much to add as small rooms can look cluttered very quickly. Here are some fresh ways to think about your small space, both how you use it and how you fill it.

Keep it modular

When it comes to small homes, you can end up with a load of small furniture to accommodate visitors but it can end up looking bitty and disjointed. Instead, why not try a modular sofa, that can be pulled apart as individual seating, while the colour palette keeps it uniform. You can also block them all together again for a movie night in when you just want to sprawl out.


DFS Zania sofa styled by Little Big Bell

Extendable tables and foldable desks

It may seem something that only your grandmother’s mahogany dining table could do, but there are lots of clever tables that can be extended or simply folded away. It doesn't just have to be the dinner table that does it either, we’ve been in love with this Linge Roset desk ever since we saw it at Maison et Objet a few years back. Clever and beautiful.

Multi-use furniture

Objects that can do multiple things are incredibly handy in small homes. It can be something as simple as a footstool that also doubles as a small coffee table and maybe a spare seat, or a bedside unit with attached lighting and extra storage. Wiring can become the most frustrating thing to hide, unable to tuck away all the cables and modems that we need in the 21st century. This wireless charging lamp from Ikea is functional in two ways – its sleek design means it can work as well on a desk or beside a sofa, and it acts as a phone or tablet charger. One less straggling wire.


Mirror, Mirror

An old wives’ trick but this one really works. Place a mirror either facing or angled towards a window and watch the natural light bounce across the room.

Mirror, €175, Home Lust

Up the walls

Small space living means limited floor space so make use of your wall space instead, by hanging lamps from it, suspending bookcases and shelving, even add some vertical greenery to your walls for a bit of life.

Black brass hanging rod, €79, Ferm Living



If you’ve got a small, open plan space, it can look chaotic very quickly. Mentally layout in your mind how you're going to use each space – a dining area should be located close to the kitchen and your sofa further away from the food smells. Once you've decided, use rugs and other low-lying pieces of furniture – like a magazine holder on the floor to separate living and eating. This kind of zoning will actually make the room feel bigger, just make sure there's nothing taller than knee-height as this will interrupt your line of view.


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Lose the headboard

If it’s a small bedroom you’re trying to manage, as well as the usual tricks of under-bed storage, try losing the headboard. Though they don’t actually take up a huge amount of space, it can make the space visually appear small and more enclosed.

Embroidered quilt, €270, Anthropologie

Embrace the dark


You might be inclined to paint the whole space white, and that can work, but when a room is naturally dark, consider just going with it and paint all the walls a deep hue. If navy feels like such a snooze to you now, take some inspiration from the recently renovated Scout shop in Templebar, who opted for a heavenly olive green instead.


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Featured image: Hubsch modular sofa

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