From air-purifying curtains to Art Deco lamps, our pick of Ikea's spring collection

Ikea has a range of new products launching this February, so we've picked out our favourite pieces from the decidedly Spring-focused release. 

After months of dark and cold evenings, it feels like spring can't come quick enough. Ikea's latest collection has us dreaming of days where you maybe don't need a coat and can head home from work with light still in the sky.

The range however, isn't merely a shallow nod to the approaching season. With innovative designs such as air-purifying curtains, baskets handwoven from natural waste materials, and sustainable accessories, it's great to see such a large retailer make efforts to lighten their footprint on the environment the collection references so frequently. Here are our favourite pieces from the collection.

Ikea air purifying curtain


Air-purifying curtains

Indoor air quality can often be poor, often even worse than that outside due to a lack of air circulation, emissions from cooking, and solvents that seep from plastics, paint and furnishings. Electric air purifiers can be expensive to purchase and run, and up until now there have been few alternatives.

Ikea have created air-purifying curtains, which use a mineral-based coating that is applied to the fabric. When activated by daylight, it breaks down common indoor air pollutants. The material is also manufactured from recycled PET-bottles, so doesn't use any raw material. Gunrid air purifying curtains, 1 pair, €25. 

Ikea air purifying curtains

Seagrass lampshade

Made from seagrass, a natural and renewable material, this pendant lampshade is handwoven by skilled craftspeople. Adding a wonderfully rustic feel with its organic texture, we love the irregularity of this design. Torared pendant lamp shade, €15.

Ikea air purifying curtains


Art Deco-style lights

The gentle curves of these lights are made from mouth-blown glass, and will add a vintage feel to whatever room they're in. Available in a table lamp, pendant light or floor lamp, there's also a design to suit every space. Tällbyn table lamp, €30, pendant lamp €40.

Ikea air purifying curtains

Sit/stand stool

While we know that sitting too much is not good for us, it can be hard to find solutions that allow some flexibility with our position. This stool not only adjusts to a wide range of heights to change your position, it also has mechanisms that engage your muscles and spine. Lidkullen active sit/stand support, €70.

Ikea air purifying curtains

Handmade baskets 


Made from twisted fibres from part of the banana plant that is removed when the fruit is harvested, these baskets make use of a material that would otherwise be discarded. Available in two sizes, they would make a beautiful storage option for a bedroom or living space. Tjillevips basket H30cm €25, H20cm, €19.

Ikea air purifying curtains


Lastly, if you're looking for a simple way to inject a little spring into your home, fresh flowers are a great way to do so, and these inexpensive vases are perfect to display them. In a range of shapes and colours, they have more personality than a clear vessel, adding a touch of interest. Vanligen series, vase €9, vase €2.50, jug €19, decoration box, set of 2 €8.

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