Five Reasons Why Everyone Wants This Clock

The Irish design world is flipping out for Gilded Hound's bespoke?copper wall clocks. Here are a few reasons why...

Last week the Gilded Hound online store finally went live, and we weren't the only ones waiting with bated breath.?MADE Store & Gallery, Dublin's coolest new boutique, Instagrammed that they are counting the days until their opening on a Gilded Hound clock. In the digital age, it's something of a challenge to get people excited about a timepiece, but coppersmith?Siobh?n Sacker has pulled it off with aplomb. Here are five reasons why we love?her?handmade?clocks...

5 Reasons Why Everyone Wants One of These Clocks

1. They're copper. Starting with the obvious here, but Siobh?n has chosen her medium well. The world of interiors is still in love with metallics in 2016, and this fine copper feels especially fresh. Of the choice, Siobh?n says,?"I've always loved copper, and have had a deep connection with it ever since I lived in India as a teenager. So I put my experience and distinctive style into action and launched?Gilded Hound with a line of beautiful solid copper clocks, hand-engraved to mark the special moments in peoples lives."

2. They're made right here in Ireland. Siobh?n's performs her?horological magic in a Dublin studio and sources her 1.2mm solid copper locally, meaning these glamorous timekeepers are bonafide, 100% Irish.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Wants One of These Clocks


3. They're crafted with care. Gilded Hound pieces are made the old fashioned way.?Siobh?n hand-cuts each one individually, delicately engraving each surface design, fitting the burnished brass hands and waxing and polishing the surfaces herself. As a result, each one feels like it was made with?love.

4. They're bespoke. Siobh?n created Gilded Hound specifically so she could create practical pieces with a uniquely personal touch.??After buying my first home in Dublin's leafy suburbs, I went about trying to fill it with pieces I adored. I wanted everything in it to have history and mean something special to me, but?I had trouble finding handmade, personal, and functional pieces." Gilded Hound fills that gap - each clock comes with a free five-word hand engraved personal inscription of the buyer's choice on the back.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Wants One of These Clocks

5. There's more to come.?A talent like Siobh?n's can't be contained only in clock form. She's already experimenting with extremely cool-looking ice-cream inspired?"A Lick of Light" lamps and sharing design sneak peeks on her Instagram. We can't wait to see them in the flesh!

Clocks start from €95 on All images courtesy of Gilded Hound on Instagram.?

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