Look inside: Interior designer Emma Lynch shares her favourite room in her house

Welcome to IMAGE.ie’s Look Inside series. It's all about real people's real homes – our favourite part of our home and why we like that particular space so much. We’ll catch up with Irish creatives to learn about their favourite corner of their house; this week, it’s Emma Lynch, an interior designer at Lamb Design. 

Emma Lynch, an interior designer at Lamb Design, has the illustrious talent of spotting beauty in the mundane. Not only does she have an eye for detail, but she also loves pared-back, natural aesthetics (both in her work and home life). For that reason, we were curious to see what Emma’s personal interiors are like.

Currently living in Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow, Emma has told IMAGE.ie all about her favourite room in the house, and what makes it so special.

Emma's living room

Photo: Ruth Maria Photography

"This navy, French-style chair is one of my favourite spots. It's right beside the window in my living room; has views of the sea and gets gorgeous light in the morning," she says.

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"It's also my relaxing spot in the evening when I want to sit back with a book or a magazine. The light overhead is a great reading light, and the chair is super comfy when paired with the matching footstool (allowing me to finally put my feet up in the evening!).

Photo: Ruth Maria Photography

"I love muted tones with some pops of darker, dusty shades, especially mustard and navy," Emma says. "There is also a lot of texture in the room; with a warm white being the backdrop colour so that everything else pops." See the rug and the vase in the photo above, for example.

Photo: Emma Lynch of Lamb Design

The reason for these colour combinations isn't just aesthetics. Emma tells us how her interiors complement the outside world; making both internal and external environments blend together seamlessly.

"I live right beside the sea," she says, "so it was important to let nature sing and not make the interiors too busy. I love natural wood and materials, and when they're mixed with textured linens and muted tones, it really adds warmth and soul to a room."

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What we think sets Emma's style apart from others is her ability to pare things back and focus on quality. She believes people should fill their homes with heirloom-quality pieces, as well as handmade, unique products that tell their own story.

It's about putting your own stamp on a room and living comfortably within it, and Emma's living room demonstrates that perfectly.

For more information about Emma's expertise, visit LambDesign.ie

Top photo: Emma Lynch


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