Easy and Earthy Christmas Decorating

The Informal Florist shares her tips...

There are lots of cheap, natural and very easy ways to decorate your home for Christmas. Just ask Claire Ryan, aka?The Informal Florist, who created the beautiful wreaths and centrepieces in the November/December issue of Image Interiors & Living. Here, she shares her tips for using twigs, Christmas tree cut-offs and branches to make Christmas d?cor?that's easy, gorgeous and cheap.

1. Don't let any of the evergreens go to waste. Use your Christmas tree clippings to make a simple garland, or add a little to a low-sized centrepiece. Don't overdo it, though, as it will fill your vessel very quickly.

2. Use juniper as one of the textural elements in a white-based arrangement using amaryllis or any other type of white flowers; its berries work beautifully against cool tones. If you are using amaryllis in an arrangement, don't go overboard, as it's a very large focal flower. Add smaller white flowers as well to balance the arrangement.


3. Use hazel branches as home d?cor?? smaller pieces on the mantelpiece, in arrangements, whenever you like, really - as the branches have lovely detail.

4. You can also use hazel or any pliable branches to make a really simple wreath. Just bend them into a circle and fasten with florist wire. Use ribbon to cover the seam.

5. String your pine cones into garlands, add cloves to oranges and place cypress or ivy on picture frames.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Claire in action.

Photography by Nathalie Marquez Courtney.

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