Dreamy Instagram accounts if you're in need of a mental holiday today

If the thought of being house- and city-bound for the foreseeable future is giving you seriously itchy feet, here are the Instagram's to follow for an aesthetically beautiful internet wander.

Instagram was designed to be a dreamy online space. Image-led, with minimal text and no distracting links or ads, just calm, clean space. Since then it's become an increasingly more commercial space (thanks, Facebook) but there are still some accounts that will make your mouth water and your mind whirr.

I look for one thing from my Instagram accounts – they need to make me happy. Beautiful photographs, accounts that are not too self-indulgent and without too many posts are top of my list of necessities. Below are five of my favourite follows.




Top of my list is Irish foodie and photographer Cliodhna Prendergast, with her beautiful Connemara landscapes and gorgeous photography. She makes her everyday life look so dreamy!



It would be no surprise to anyone who knows me that natural linen dyer Kathryn Davey’s account would be on my list. I love linen and each beautifully styled, simple with muted colours.




Marta Greber from Whatforbreakfast visited Ireland in 2018 and her posts will make you fall in love with Ireland all over again. Her stories are also worth clicking into.




Dreaming of living on a farm? Then follow Kirsten Ivors at Tinnock Farm. She captures her life beautifully, making candles and soaps in her farmhouse overlooking mountains in rural Tipperary.



Yes, there is a bit of a trend here, food and the Irish countryside. Imen McDonnell, author of The Farmette Cookbook, will have your mouth watering and will convince you to grow your own greens in a heartbeat.

Holding images via Cliodhna Prendergast & Imen McDonnell


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